Add a Trigger condition based off a node field to the Trigger Action

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I have a custom Property, "Importance" that I define the importance of the node.  P1 - Mission Critical, P2 - Business Critical, P3 - Business Important, and P4 - Development


I want to be able to trigger an action based on the importance of that node.


For example:  If the node is a P1, I want to send a text 24/7.  If it is a P2 I want to send an email only during business hours, P3 and P4, only generate an Event Alert and NOT send an email.


I would like to add a condition to the Trigger Action to limit the action.


Currently,  I have to create 3 separate Alerts alerts to make this happen, because I have to put the trigger condition in the alert and not in the action.


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