REST discovery suddenly stopped adding new SNMP nodes

Recently (don't know exactly when this happened) REST discoveries of a new SNMPv3 node started failing. I can confirm by running "tcpdump" on the new node that Orion discovery is correctly scanning using SNMPv3 (with correct creds), and in the Orion DB the 'DiscoveryLogs' table shows ResultDescription='Import Finished' with Result=2.

And looking at the logs in "C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Discovery Engine" for the generated discovery profile, I see no errors.

I can change the REST discovery to only use ICMP and it correctly adds the new node, but when trying to add using SNMPv3 the node is not being added.

Did something in the API change in 2023.1? Any current reference (that isn't 7-9 years old) on the REST API?