Community Announcements emails contain poor formatting

Every "Community Announcement" I receive gets blocked during incoming email filtering because of poor formatting.

Specifically, it contains an improperly declared JPG file attachment. There is no properly declared file extension to the name.

Please pass this along to whomever is responsible and get this fixed please.

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  • Hey, I understand your frustration but THWACK is predominantly a community forum which gets visited by SolarWinds employees. It isn't a guaranteed place to report problems, faults, etc - which is frustrating. Believe me, I understand this especially when they constantly point you here for solutions and support.

    Anyway, the best approach would be to reach out to your customer success manager and give them a full, clear description of the issue. Let us know how that goes and if you don't have a CSM then drop me a PM and I'll reach out to ours.