Solutions Template options in Service Desk


I am a technical writer working for a company that uses Service Desk for their tracking of incidents, changes, solutions, etc. I am creating a lot of their internal IT documentation right now, and some customer facing doc as well. Right now some of the IT Support Specialists are creating solutions using the Solutions tab in Service Desk, and it's working out pretty well. I am creating longer processes that the IT department can use and follow for various issues (setting up a new user, modifying users in the system, ordering devices for users, etc), and we are considering using the Solutions as as our repository for accessing this documentation.

So here are some of my questions:

1) Do many technical writers/information specialists use Solutions to house content that's for internal use, and sometimes customer facing (as in the rest of the company, different departments, etc)?

2) Are there any instructions on how to create solutions that can include links to KB articles and other solutions, incidents, etc? 

3) Is it possible to create a template that is usable by the rest of IT if they want to create a new solution? I've been asked to create a template or style guide for the solutions, but I haven't seen how this is possible at the time. 

4) I'm open to any help or advice on this. I'm new to SolarWinds Service Desk, but I am a pretty good power user with Word and other documentation tools. 

Thanks for any help.