SEM UX Feedback Opportunity: Searching through raw events


The SEM product team is working on a new set of design mockups: Searching through raw event logs. We have some designs sketched out, and are looking for a couple people to take a look at give feedback - starting this week until June 18th.

If you're interested, send me an email/PM and we can figure out a good time for a WebEx/Teams call. These 1-hour calls would involve me sharing my screen with the designs and having you click through them.

As with all UX feedback calls, you will receive 3,000 THWACK points for participating. But more importantly: you'll be influencing the direction of the product!

If you're interested in participating in UX calls, but this isn't the right time -- let me know! I'll make sure you're at the top of my contact list for the next project. Slight smile

Thank you!
Ashley Orr