How to disable auto arrange in network atlas

When adding objects and moving the on a map, other objects automatically move, is there a way to disable this?

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  • other than that I can’t recall that I ever seen this behavior when creating Maps in Network Atlas…

    Agreed on nodes, etc, but when you add boxes, lines or other shapes these do and will randomly move as soon as you edit or add to any current node.

    The way we solve this is by creating a 'fixed' background in the form of an image and adding nodes, etc on to that.

    Not wanting to be the devils advocate, I personally would start moving to Orion Maps

    One of the main drivers for us coming to SolarWinds was that our old monitoring tool (name withheld on purpose) was that they moved to a single 'pane' for maps, which 100% does NOT meet our needs on a security, separation or client basis. Orion maps is at this same stage, in that it does NOT meet our needs in any way shape or form.

    So, countering your DA approach, I'd say stick with Network Atlas and work around its flaws ;)

  • While I agree on your points that Orion Maps still has not the full capability of Network Atlas - I am also seeing issues on automatic connections etc. - it’s doomed to be phased out. Whenever this might happen we don’t know yet, it might happen at an inconvenient moment. You need to upgrade the system due to a new shiny version of another tool you have to monitor, but you don’t have the capacity to recreate your 300 Maps over night in Orion Maps… I would not want to be the one to have to bring it up to management. „Hey we can either not monitor that new tool / not fix a security issue or break our visibility with maps, whatcha want fellas?

    I wouldn’t want future Holger Mundt be the one who has to quickly make a decision or work endless hours to recreate stuff, while current Holger Mundt has the chance to introduce Orion Maps.

    just my 5ct

  • Jeff () is aware of our concerns, but the most basic of them is the need to have fixed and different maps in different folders (groups). Until it can do that, we can't even begin to contemplate a move.

    When that is solved, we then need to overcome the hurdle of creating the maps when essentially 90% of them are hand crafted/curated anyway due to security requirements or similar then CDP, LLDP, etc are turned off so auto connections don't work anyway. Next comes the need to be able to display multiple links between 2 nodes as individual links and not an aggregated or amalgamated single link.

    These are the minimum needs. If SolarWinds can't or won't add these capabilities to Orion Maps then we will re-look at other tools. I notice Loop1 (for e.g.) has netTerrain that, as I understand it, sits atop/external to SolarWinds and creates maps. Again, if they absolutely rely on auto connects then that will also be a no go. I'm on a seminar next week about this. Or other options would be NetBrain or similar... I know what our management want.... to not spend anymore money.