ServiceNow Escalation, criticality, urgency, impact variable

The way Solarwinds Orion is configured and designed it seems that Orion expects a single alert to tell you if a system, component, application (etc...) is in either warning or critical state (or not)

The ServiceNow integration, however, doesn't allow you to specify the criticality based on a variable (it is hard-set by dropdown when you define the action) and incident states also doesn't allow you to change the impact or urgency.  Is there a way to set the impact or urgency or both by any kind of variable?

  • Hi twomonkeysayoyo,

    we solved it like this:
    - create a custom property value for nodes, interface, groups "priority" with the values "blocking" - "critical" - "
    - create the alarms e.g. "node down blocking", "node down critical", "node down moderate" and so on for interface etc ...

    The trigger condition for the alarm "node down critical" then sees, for example. as follows:
    Alert on all objects where:
    All child conditions must be satisfied (AND)
    Nodes Custom Properties - Priority - is equal to - Critical
    The actual trigger condition:
    Node - Status - is equal to - Down

    This alarm then triggers a servicenow ticket with the priority "critical".

    At the nodes, interfaces, etc. you then control the priority with which the servicenow tickets should be opened in the event of an error.

    I hope I understood your problem correctly and you can do something with my answer. ;)

    Kind regards

  • That means creating an alert and trigger action per alert per severity.  That seems silly.

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