• Configure Limitations - Site:'Unknown'

    When running a Network Discovery I have been unable to find where I can add a Site Custom Property when importing the results, therefore all devices are added to Site: Unknown.   This means that when I have set ...
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  • DPA Users - Please answer this question about registering new database instances!

    We're interested in knowing what option you choose when you register a new database instance (feel free to add comments below as well). Typically, do you      
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  • Azure Network Watcher v/s Solarwinds

    Hello All,   To monitor the network resources in Azure cloud environment which is the better tool for monitoring?   You can also share your views in comments in detail. For ex. at network level what we can...
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  • Network Security Cameras - Lack of IT Oversight

    Physical Security’s - Cyber Problem   "Demand for surveillance cameras has grown quickly during the last decade; and is forecast to continue growing in the coming years. It is estimated that 9.9 million pr...
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  • The best blog platform for IT engineering professionals?

    Being a network engineer and an IT professional, I'm planning to start writing some IT/Networks relevant blogs. Can you help me to choose the best platform to start from?
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  • Consultant?

    Are there any other IT consultants out there?
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  • List Resource

    How long does your typical List Resource page take to load
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  • Full NPM - WHD Integration

    We are monitoring all Network gear from NPM and would love to open WHD tickets directly from NPM. I downloaded a trial version of WHD and spent a couple of hours with a SW engineer trying to get this work, to no a...
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  • Whats your Solarwinds Website average response time?

    !If you use Appinsight for IIS, what is your average response time for your primary Solarwinds website?  (typically NetPerfMon) If yours is low please comment with your IIS topology if possible
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  • How many AWS instances are you monitoring in Orion?

    We’re looking to provide more insight into your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. But first, we need to know a little about what you’re dealing with.   Please note that you may receive a follow-...
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  • How often are you using DPA?

    Last month, about how many times did you go into DPA to monitor database performance or troubleshoot a database performance issue?
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  • Turkey sandwiches: Toasted or not toasted?

    The UX team is having a debate over the proper way to eat a turkey sandwich. There is no conditional toasting, this is toasted or not toasted only.
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  • N

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  • Monitoring full time/ part time

    Ok so I’ve been around on thwack for a little while now and just wondered how many of you are actually employed purely for monitoring ?
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  • Which cloud platform reduces Total cost of Ownership?

  • Adding New Polling Engine?

    I would appreciate if anyone could suggest me regarding Adding New Polling Engine?
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  • Should Thwack Monthly Missions Open to Australians ASAP?

    All the monthly thwack missions exclude Australia. Im sure there are lots of users that are from Australia as i always see a few comments along the lines of "When can Australia Play?" Little poll to show Solarwinds ...
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  • Alerts during maintenance windows

    Today, the Unmanaged status in Orion helps prevent alert overload during network maintenance. While this prevents the influx of ‘node down’ alerts during that time, you lose the benefit of being able to vi...
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  • Cloud Detailed Monitoring

    What are the metric in cloud that you monitor with solarwinds?
  • Ability to add admin roles for all modules in a single click

    If you own/use all the modules and have users that need admin rights to all of them it is cumbersome to have go through and select all the roles for each specific module.
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