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Thought I'd share this with you lovely Thwackers!


You may not have heard, but recently SolarWinds aquired LogicNow,  a spin off of GFI.


Among their product base, LogicNow have a rather nifty cloud-based (with optional on-premise) backup solution by the name of MAX Backup (part of the MAXfocus suite of tools). I had not heard about LogicNow, but I'm glad the SolarWinds press release clued me up, as MAX Backup will sort out a number of my remote backup woes. I'm looking in to using it for backing up remote Orion installs where I don't have a good/any backup infrastructure, but it does a whole lot more than that.


It's relatively inexpensive, simple to set up, and has a lot of impressive technology under the hood to compete with many of the big hitters in the cloud. It's aimed squarely at the MSP arena, but it's price point and feature set makes it pretty attractive to SMEs looking to evolve beyond traditional tape-based backups of critical data.


Kudos to SolarWinds for seeing yet another worthy breed to add to the stable!

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