A saying I read somewhere


‘A Good Idea becomes a great idea when you let it out’

How true! Anything today in the market was initially an idea. An idea becomes a great idea when it is executed. Mobile apps are the trend and there is probably an app available for possibly everything.


The essential of any application is is ability to solve any problem or provide any kind of service.If a app does resolve any kind of problem it is of no use and therefore nobody will use it which leads to a lesser shelf life.Every mobile app maker wishes his app makes it to the market. But How? Listed below are few of the ways your mobile application idea could become a blockbuster:


Foremost, Pen down your idea. It makes things clear and gives you a great head start. Write down what functionalities your app will perform. Look out on the internet for other features or functionalities or anything else which might your application that extra edge. Look for prototyping tools that helps in developing a prototype of your app. You must be wondering why prototype, why not build the entire application itself? The next point will tell you why!


Hit the market: This is actually an interim step which is always better. Don’t hit the market with the entire application, rather hit it with the idea of your app. Ask customers, research the market if a better idea than yours exists, take a survey of your idea, evaluate your results and see where the idea stands. Once you are satisfied with the results go ahead with the design, or else,

Change your idea!


Design: It is the design that wins the customer. So before you even plan on building the entire application, it is better to create a design of the application you wish to develop. So instead of building an entire running application, you can actually create a page by page prototype design using various tools available on the internet. The impression you create with mere design will take your idea a long way.


Develop it: All best mobile app companies in the market have initially outsourced the development of their app. It is the maintenance which is done in-house. You can work on a budget constraint initially by hiring a developer and explain your requirements at your best price. Once you get the app to the customers and you start seeing demand you can update your app further or bring in some better design changes. It is always better to create a cross platform app which makes it easier for different OS users to download it.


Promoting your app: Once your app is developed, it is important that it gets to the users. But how? There are several ways to promote your app. Through social media (everyone’s favourite), Guest Blogging, Mobile advertisements, App store optimization, Include app download links in various websites and many more. Marketing is how you make your product reach out to the masses. Do it any way you like. Application development companies don't just stop with creating the application, it is their marketing strategies which makes them famous.


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