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I was wondering if anyone else has been having issues with thier IPAM scans.  I have two subnets (not a dhcp scope) that I need to scan.  The Status has been sitting there for about 45 minutes.  Each of the "active scans" are /28 subnets.   My Scan Settings:   Maximum number of Simultaneous Scans:  4 Transient Period: 15 days ICMP Settings:… (Show more)
I know this might sound picky, but it is very odd to send parameters as a json ordered array, instead of as an object.  It is not intuitive, and is not consistent with most api.   IE: This is what you are requiring: POST… (Show more)
Welcome to the IPAM Beta forum and thank you for your participation! My apologies to those of you who received a "rejection" email last week. In preparing this forum for this beta release, automated communications were sent out in error. In any case, welcome back to the group!   Now, for the fun stuff... SolarWinds IP Address Manager 4.5 Beta is…
Trying to add a custom property using the REST api, and I get an error that the verb is not found.   {   "Message": "Verb IPAM.AttrDefine.AddCustomProperty: Not found",   "ExceptionType": "SolarWinds.InformationService.Verb.VerbExecutorException",   "FullException": "SolarWinds.InformationService.Verb.VerbExecutorException: Verb… (Show more)
After reserving an IP using the StartIpReservation, and FinishIpReservation I am trying to update the IpNode with comments, aliases, and hostname.   First, it would be nice if StartIpReservation actually returned a Json, not just a plain string.     Additionally the IP Node Id would be a great addition, as right now I have to go query for it to… (Show more)
Hi,   I am trying to add a PTR record to an existing A record.  However I am getting an error back when I attempt this.   This is the URL I am using via REST:   And these are the values I have tried to insert into the body:  … (Show more)
Are additional pollers going to be supported with this release?
Hi,   Is there a way to get an indication that a subnet is either all reserved or full?   The REST API call to 'startIpReservation' is still returning an HTTP code 200 even on a subnet with no available IP addresses.  Instead of returning an IP address, it returns null.  Is 'null' a reliable indication that a subnet is full?  Is null thrown for… (Show more)