Office 365 is currently the most common business productivity suite provided by Microsoft. In Office 365, users can work online, share files and spreadsheets, work from your home or mobile or any other devices like desktop, laptop, tablet etc. It is the perfect business cloud which allows employees to work anywhere, anytime and on any device. Because of its flexibility, the more chances of data loss or data corruption in the Office 365. So, to retrieve the lost data, backup is necessary. However, Office 365 is a powerful cloud-based suite, that does not mean user’s data is safe on Office 365. Users always think that does Microsoft backup office 365 data to the cloud? So, in this article, You will get the answer to this commonly asked question.

“I am an employee of the bank and I am using Office 365 for share file and for online work. So, there are many crucial data like bank account details, id and password are saved in my Office 365 account. So, these data lost creates a big problem for me. Because of this upcoming problem, I want to take backup of all the important information. So I want to know does Microsoft backup Office 365 data or not? If it does not take the backup, then is there any other solution for data security?”

Why is Taking Office 365 Backup So Important?

It is necessary to take a backup because it helps to prevent data corruption and loss. Also, data backup plays an important role for business data of any organizations. Because due to many disaster either accidental or malicious deletion of data by end-users. Other reasons for data loss are the misconfiguration, client sync issues, and most of recently the widespread presence of ransomware and malware. If a user wants to recover their lost information, then he or she can recover it only when they have a backup of data. So, it is important to take a backup of office 365 data. In addition, in a recent survey, it is found that most of IT admins reported their smartphone had been either lost or stolen in the last year. Thieves wiping out stolen phones may intentionally delete user’s data. Because contacts and documents are connected to the device and the Office 365 servers. The thieves may also delete important information from the server-side. If the backup is not available, then a company can lose valuable information. Therefore, taking backup in Office 365 is required.

Does Microsoft Backup Office 365 Data Items?

It is known that Microsoft solutions are in the cloud, it does not mean the entire Microsoft 365 solution will be safe in the cloud. However, Microsoft Office 365 fails to take backup of data. But, protection and security of Office 365 data are necessary and it is your responsibility to protect the corporate data while using the Microsoft cloud. A user needs the same level of protection, administration, and security for MS Office 365 that is on the premises. For instance, there is no any special administrative setting available to defend against an Office 365 service outage. In such scenario, the only solution is to access a backup copy that is external to the Office 365 service. Therefore, Office 365 Backup can help you to recover corporate data stored in Office 365. It is a quick and effective remedy to take backup of data in Office 365.

Myth vs Reality About Office 365 Security

There are lots of myths about data protection. Sometimes, IT employees assume that Office 365 data will never be lost. But, in reality, Office 365 does not keep data safe. Many organization neglects to set up Office 365 backup and search themselves vulnerable to data loss. Just because an application is mostly available, does not mean data is recoverable. In fact, Office 365 does not have any tool for easily recovering lost or deleted data.

Final Words

In this write-up, we discussed, does Microsoft backup Office 365?  After all these discussions, it is found that Office 365 is unable to take backup of data. But, data backup is very much important for any hazard situations like data loss, data corruption, stolen devices, physical damage of device, and malware detection. So, users are looking for a solution which offers a function of data backup. Thus, a reliable 3rd party tool like SysTools Office 365 Backup & Restore Software can help to take backup Office 365 Mailbox data locally.

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