No matter what happens throughout a day, everything goes better with music.  Lately, I have found some awesome music that helps me focus but also relaxes me whether I am knee deep in a manual or desperately trying to figure out what made our SQL server reboot in the middle of the day.  Most music requires alack of vocals if it is to be enjoyed in the workplace.  I've found that co-workers may not find the vocals of the Talking Heads as palatable as I do.  You also have to be mindful of content.  Things you find ironic may actually be offensive to those who walk in on something with no context.  With that in mind, I have an awesome mix including Alt-J, Tycho, The XX, and brief glimpses of Amon Tobin, Big Data, and Tuatara,  Nothing offensive, nothing grating, just relaxing, mind sharpening tunes that fill the background with something besides my co-worker's hacking cough (she doesn't have COPD, she just needs more water before going on a smoke break)


Anyway, just a thought on how to expand the awesome boundaries of your day spent doing what we love (hopefully),