Office 365 is currently the most common business productivity suite provided by Microsoft. In Office 365, users can work online, share files and spreadsheets, work from your home or mobile or any other devices like desktop, laptop, tablet etc. It is the perfect business cloud which allows employees to work anywhere, anytime and on any device. Because of its flexibility, the more chances of data loss or data corruption in the Office 365. So, to retrieve the lost data, backup is necessary. However, Office 365 is a powerful cloud-based suite, that does not mean user’s data is safe on Office 365. Users always think that does Microsoft backup office 365 data to the cloud? So, in this article, You will get the answer to this commonly asked question.

“I am an employee of the bank and I am using Office 365 for share file and for online work. So, there are many crucial data like bank account details, id and password are saved in my Office 365 account. So, these data lost creates a big problem for me. Because of this upcoming problem, I want to take backup of all the important information. So I want to know does Microsoft backup Office 365 data or not? If it does not take the backup, then is there any other solution for data security?”

Why is Taking Office 365 Backup So Important?

It is necessary to take a backup because it helps to prevent data corruption and loss. Also, data backup plays an important role for business data of any organizations. Because due to many disaster either accidental or malicious deletion of data by end-users. Other reasons for data loss are the misconfiguration, client sync issues, and most of recently the widespread presence of ransomware and malware. If a user wants to recover their lost information, then he or she can recover it only when they have a backup of data. So, it is important to take a backup of office 365 data. In addition, in a recent survey, it is found that most of IT admins reported their smartphone had been either lost or stolen in the last year. Thieves wiping out stolen phones may intentionally delete user’s data. Because contacts and documents are connected to the device and the Office 365 servers. The thieves may also delete important information from the server-side. If the backup is not available, then a company can lose valuable information. Therefore, taking backup in Office 365 is required.

Does Microsoft Backup Office 365 Data Items?

It is known that Microsoft solutions are in the cloud, it does not mean the entire Microsoft 365 solution will be safe in the cloud. However, Microsoft Office 365 fails to take backup of data. But, protection and security of Office 365 data are necessary and it is your responsibility to protect the corporate data while using the Microsoft cloud. A user needs the same level of protection, administration, and security for MS Office 365 that is on the premises. For instance, there is no any special administrative setting available to defend against an Office 365 service outage. In such scenario, the only solution is to access a backup copy that is external to the Office 365 service. Therefore, Office 365 Backup can help you to recover corporate data stored in Office 365. It is a quick and effective remedy to take backup of data in Office 365.

Myth vs Reality About Office 365 Security

There are lots of myths about data protection. Sometimes, IT employees assume that Office 365 data will never be lost. But, in reality, Office 365 does not keep data safe. Many organization neglects to set up Office 365 backup and search themselves vulnerable to data loss. Just because an application is mostly available, does not mean data is recoverable. In fact, Office 365 does not have any tool for easily recovering lost or deleted data.

Final Words

In this write-up, we discussed, does Microsoft backup Office 365?  After all these discussions, it is found that Office 365 is unable to take backup of data. But, data backup is very much important for any hazard situations like data loss, data corruption, stolen devices, physical damage of device, and malware detection. So, users are looking for a solution which offers a function of data backup. Thus, a reliable 3rd party tool like SysTools Office 365 Backup & Restore Software can help to take backup Office 365 Mailbox data locally.

SolarWinds MSP, a worldwide pioneer in conveying thorough, versatile IT benefit administration arrangements; today reported that it has procured SpamExperts B.V., a worldwide supplier of email security arrangements sent in the cloud or on-premises, with administrations for approaching (spam and infection) separating, active sifting, and email chronicling.


Propelled in 2005 and situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; with a moment office in Bucharest, Romania; SpamExperts has given SaaS-based mail assurance and mail filing administrations for best-in-class MSPs, ISPs, telcos, and other IT specialist co-ops universally for over ten years. The obtaining will expand the SolarWinds MSP Mail offering and more data will be approaching on the SolarWinds MSP item portfolio in the following 30 days.


With the securing of this innovation, SolarWinds MSP clients are relied upon to profit by:


  1. A canny danger motor that is persistently refreshed to meet rising dangers
  2. Upgraded dependability and strength
  3. Basic, simple to-set-up, instinctive UI
  4. Conveyance in 16 dialects
  5. Simple private marked alternatives


"When we take a gander at approaches to construct a shockingly better MSP arrangement stage, we contemplate what that way to our clients and their novel business destinations," expressed John Pagliuca, general administrator, SolarWinds MSP. "The obtaining of SpamExperts will enable MSPs to convey considerably more secure and hearty mail assurance and administration, which is a foundational part of a fruitful IT specialist co-op's business. We're eager to have the chance to use the worldwide ability of this demonstrated SaaS organization, whose emphasis on predominant consumer loyalty and genuine market interruption adjusts superbly with our own."


About SolarWinds MSP


SolarWinds MSP engages IT specialist co-ops with advancements to fuel their prosperity. Arrangements that incorporate layered security, aggregate knowledge, and savvy computerization—both on-premises and in the cloud, upheld by significant information experiences, enable IT to specialist co-ops take care of business less demanding and quicker. SolarWinds MSP enables our clients to concentrate on what is important most—meeting their SLAs and conveying administrations proficiently and successfully. For more data.


The SolarWinds and SolarWinds MSP trademarks are the elite property of SolarWinds MSP UK Ltd. or, on the other hand its associates and might be enrolled or pending enlistment with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in different nations. All different SolarWinds MSP UK and SolarWinds trademarks, benefit imprints, and logos might be customary law stamps or are enlisted or pending enrollment. Every other trademark specified thus are utilized for distinguishing proof purposes just and are trademarks (and might be enlisted trademarks) of their individual organizations.

Mindmajix Pega Training makes you expert in handling customer relationship management and business process management. Pega improves the efficiency of a number of high volume, high importance operations by more than 50%.


Pega Training


What are the objectives and takeaways of this course?

This course is meticulously designed for beginners and professionals who wanted to start/empower their skillset on Pega. We assure that our online training makes you perform like a Pega expert in the real time environment by delivering infallible Pega course along with the following objectives and takeaways of this course:

Understand the BPM concepts and workflows
Providing good knowledge in Pega 7 concepts
Providing instructions for implementation of Pega concepts
Providing guidelines for CSA(Certified System architect) ,CSSA (Certified Senior System architect) and CPBA (Certified Pega Business Analyst )
Providing instructions to implement the BPM application
Understand and implement web application with Pega application
Understand and implement UI Design ,and Business logic by using Pega

Who should do this course?

Pega is a Business tool mostly used in Finance/Banking/Health Care industry for Clients Enquires and to improve the products and services provided by the industries. Huge banks and Healthcare foundations utilize PEGA for their interior working. Any fresher can go to this course.

PEGA Training is envisioned for anybody who is engrossed to learn BPM Technology and development of enterprise applications.
PEGA Training is intended at beginners, so no former experience with hand balancing skills is needed. But Java awareness is required.

What projects are included in this course?

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As someone forced (sometimes at economic gunpoint) to use Nagios, I am doing a Snoopy happy dance. As the title indicates, I am at a place that has SolarWInds. A couple of me long time IT buddies just LOVE SolarWinds. I had a good bit of MOM (pre-SCOM for the youngsters) experience. Thank goodness I started out a VB6 guy or else that job would of taken on nightmare proportions. Wait, it did. Never mind. Where was I? I tend to ramble in me dotage. Ok, I been an IT guy a long time. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA during the 70s. We were taught our caste (mostly 1st and 2nd generation immigrants. Most Eastern European but my folks were from UK) were going to work in the steel mills. Indeed, I lived in the south side quite literally in the shadow of Jones & Laughlin Steel's smokestacks. It was where all our dads and uncles worked. Good wages for hard work but not much required in the thinking department. That's not to be disparaging, its just how it was. Heck, at South Pittsburgh Public High School, my alma mater, not only were we a Vo-Tech, we used J&L or US Steel's forms and employment applications for practice and career prep. College was for folks who didn't grow up inside the actual city. Besides, why'd you nancy boys wanna be an egghead anyway? Afraid of real work? were some of the responses to those of us who dreamed of going to Pitt.Then the classes of 1980, 81, & 82 had to deal with the collapse of the steel industry in the US. It was President Reagan, so there was zero talk of a bail out like Detroit a couple decades later. In hindsight, it was a great thing. t the time, not so much. In my class it wasn't a question of were you joining the service but a matter of WHAT service were you joining. I know every drunk or BS artist in America makes the claim but I really was an infantryman. I had wanted to be a Screaming Eagle since seeing 'Battleground' with Van Johnson as a kid. Not knowing thwack (heh) about the Army I walked into the recruiting station in Mt. Oliver on Brownsville Road. I told the recruiter I wanted to be a Screaming Eagle. "Oh, you mean an airborne infantryman" says he. Sure. I joined at 5'10 and 115 lbs. By the end of OSUT (Basic and AIT is combined for infantryman) I was 165 and at the end of the BAC I was 185. After a full hitch (I was a bonus baby, getting $ for being an 11B1P) I got out and started going to school. The plan was to get an A.S. in Foreign language (Mum was a Russian and the Cold War made that a hot item) and apply for OCS (Officer Candidate School NOT The OCS that X the Owl went to.) Dad died unexpectedly so full time work and part time schooling is now the plan. Thankfully a local bank counted being a junior NCO as management experience. Even more magic is the bank was large enough to have a lockbox running a couple DEC-VAX and an AS/400/AIX/UNIX link. This was just when DOS 6 came out. So I was managing a pretty big remittance processing area that included a couple mini-operators for my shift. The bank had a 286 for supervisors and managers to bust numbers a little more easily than with the "min" computers. It was love at 1st sight. I changed my major and never looked back. I was hired by a software company!!! Woo hoo! Except I wasn't all that hot as a programmer. I could crush my assignments but real world with PRE-MS BUYOUT SourceSafe and a dozen other programmers? Luckily years in the Army paid off again besides the NCO thing.


One thing any combat arms vet can tell you is ANY job where you are dry, fed, warm, and not in danger is a great job. They actually loved my attitude, work ethic, and (perceived) ability to learn. The CIO and MIS director offered me a deal. If I could certify on Server NT 4 in a month, NT 4 desktop in two and Exchange 4 in three, I would earn a seat on the MIS (IT) team. Not many events can be pointed to where you can say "That changed my life." The dot com bubble bust took down many honest to goodness places. It reminded me of the marketing folks scuttling now useless and looted vessels. But the paradigm had indeed shifted. Everyone wanted email and web sites.  To round out my MCSE at the time, IIS 4 was my other elective. Over the years I got comfy with Macs, really dig Linux, and still dig new MS products. I have a media server at home but once I am off duty I am pretty much PS3\Xbox or iPad. I spent many moons working on smaller networks and contracting but kept all certs current. Before attaining Nirvana with this current gig I was at an over-priced bush league fix it shop. So now I have a position that utilizes my experience, doesn't scare the kids, management knows I am not the scheming underling and ......... we have SolarWInds! If I can tie this baby in with BMC's Control M and/or Cherwell I will finish out me kids' college years working here. I doubt anyone reads member's blogs so i think I will during lunch each day.  The reason this is in "Head Geeks Office Hours" was it was one of the few optioned so I could save the draft of this. So now I actually published to a tech forum for the 1st time in way too long.

Hello, i am new in this.


can you help me please..

I wnat install implement orion, i have cuestion?


how do i register email address ??


With time, things are changing fast and each business needs to keep pace with it so that they can stay in the race for the best. Gone are the days when any trade was done in a conventional way where they were dependent on people, products and services. These days definitely people, products and services are important, but what is more important is the smooth functioning of the business as well as how well it utilises its existing resources.  Colocation

We are in an era where technology leads and has a paved path for progress in multiple ways and the one who adopts it is the leader and the one who is still apprehensive about the latest trends means to make changes lags behind and slowly gets out of the race. This is the reason more and more business houses have now braced the change and have adopted technology in almost each business unit and function. This has not only streamlined their business operation, but also offered them better and centralised control to take care of their day to day operations as well as making smart decisions anytime. This is what technology is all about! Making things simple as well as offering you more power to think and implement just the right approach just at the right time.

When we say technology what we mean to state is the right use of technology in means of hardware as well as software solutions. The majority of the business houses has now gone online as well as use Information Technology (IT) in a large prospect to make their business perfectly structured. This offers each individual in their organisation to make better use of their time and it also reduces the chances of any human error and thus offering better productivity which in turn offers better business growth.

For a variety of functions and operations different programs, software’s and computers are used and thus calls for a server which can be the centralised unit where all the relevant business data can be stored and retrieved as and when required. Dedicated servers are the need for each business where they can host a variety of their business websites and can also control other servers that are being used for the business. Once a business or an organisation has their own dedicated server they have an advantage of choosing their own operating system, customise script installation as well as multiple hardware choices which otherwise is difficult and can restrict many functions.

With the world and businesses going online it is a must for organisations to adopt a means through which they can manage their business better 24/7 anytime. A dedicated server offers the leverage, DDoS protection and offers them a choice of a precise internet website hosting service and they do not need to share their server space with any other business or any other client of the hosting company. It is also proffered from a safety point of view where a managed dedicated server for a business is safe as only a particular organisation uses that server space. Dedicated Servers

Network Management and Administration could be fun and easy when there's no complication, no complaints from the users or whether minor complains sets in and resolved just in some few minutes. But an experienced Network Administrator (or even CIO) could be clueless when its network encountered Security Threats. Staying updates and alert keeps your network security in-tact as zero-day threat poised against healthy status of your network.


Meanwhile, SolarWinds has identifies many Network Administrators found it rather time-consuming going through a millions text pages to resolve network issues instead makes a challenges more interactive through some of their products, staying up to date through contest and learning to understand products information, deployments, benefits and comparisom with others.


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Learn new trick TODAY even if you are old (or new) in IT/Network Management so as to become relevant, stay updated and protect your network.


microsoft windows 7

Posted by muwale Jun 10, 2015

Originally, a version of Windows codenamed Blackcomb was planned as the successor to Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 in 2000. Major features were planned for Blackcomb, including an emphasis on searching and querying data and an advanced storage system named WinFS to enable such scenarios. However, an interim, minor release, codenamed "Longhorn," was announced for 2003, delaying the development of Blackcomb.[10] By the middle of 2003, however, Longhorn had acquired some of the features originally intended for Blackcomb. After three major viruses, the Blaster, Sober, and Sobig worms, exploited flaws in Windows operating systems within a short time period in 2003, Microsoft changed its development priorities, putting some of Longhorn's major development work on hold while developing new service packs for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Development of Longhorn (Windows Vista) was also restarted, and thus delayed, in August 2004. A number of features were cut from Longhorn.[11] Blackcomb was renamed Vienna in early 2006.[12]

When released, Windows Vista was criticized for its long development time

, performance issues, its spotty compatibility with existing hardware and software on launch, changes affecting the compatibility of certain PC games, and unclear assurances by Microsoft that certain computers shipping with XP prior to launch would be "Vista Capable" (which led to a class action lawsuit), among other critiques. As such, adoption of Vista in comparison to XP remained somewhat low.[13]


In July 2007, six months following the public release of Vista, it was reported that the next version of Windows would now be codenamed Windows 7, with plans for a final release within three years.[16]


Bill Gates, in an interview with

Newsweek, suggested that Windows 7 would be more "user-centric".

[18] Gates later said that Windows 7 would also focus on performance improvements.


Steven Sinofsky later expanded on this point, explaining in the

Engineering Windows 7 blog that the company was using a variety of new tracing tools to measure the performance of many areas of the operating system on an ongoing basis, to help locate inefficient code paths and to help prevent performance regressions.


Senior Vice President Bill Veghte stated that

Windows Vista users migrating to Windows 7 would not find the kind of device compatibility issues they encountered migrating from

Windows XP.

[21] An estimated 1000 developers worked on Windows 7. These were broadly divided into "core operating system" and "Windows client experience", in turn organized into 25 teams of around 40 developers on average

No matter what happens throughout a day, everything goes better with music.  Lately, I have found some awesome music that helps me focus but also relaxes me whether I am knee deep in a manual or desperately trying to figure out what made our SQL server reboot in the middle of the day.  Most music requires alack of vocals if it is to be enjoyed in the workplace.  I've found that co-workers may not find the vocals of the Talking Heads as palatable as I do.  You also have to be mindful of content.  Things you find ironic may actually be offensive to those who walk in on something with no context.  With that in mind, I have an awesome mix including Alt-J, Tycho, The XX, and brief glimpses of Amon Tobin, Big Data, and Tuatara,  Nothing offensive, nothing grating, just relaxing, mind sharpening tunes that fill the background with something besides my co-worker's hacking cough (she doesn't have COPD, she just needs more water before going on a smoke break)


Anyway, just a thought on how to expand the awesome boundaries of your day spent doing what we love (hopefully),


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