With a little help from my friends...we can win.

Some days are better than others.

For most of us, it might be a day without any alerts. Or the day we managed to ship a project that kept us busy during the last six months.
Or finishing the main quest line...but that's a different story.

For SolarWinds, it's about winning. We love to win awards.

There are lovely ceremonies with great food, and some wine might be involved.

The best awards are the ones where actual users vote on the product or service that works best for them, and we would love to get your support now.

SolarWinds has been nominated in the Observability and Network Monitoring categories, and your voice can help us win with just a few mouse clicks.

Now comes the fun part: Both awards are sponsored by a German magazine, the ceremony is in Germany, and the website to vote for it - you guessed it - is in German, too!

But let me help you. It's not more complicated than saying, "Ein Bier, bitte."

To help us in the category Observability, please click here:


Please click the red button that says, "Los geht's!" followed by "OK" and select a vendor for DevOps, LowCode, and, yay, Observability! 

Keep going, as there is more. 

Go with the flow. At the end, it says "Weiter," and I suggest answering "Nein" when it comes to the newsletter. But you do you, in case you want to learn more German.

The last step asks for your data and offers a chance to win a headphone, but choosing yes means they will use your email address. 

Full disclosure: I said no at this point.

Now, the same story but for Network Monitoring:


Yes, it's me in the lower left corner. But that's not important right now.

As before, click "Weiter" and "OK" and choose vendors for Digital Workspace, NaaS, infrastructure, and SolarWinds - I mean, network monitoring.

Keep going, enter your data, and decide if you're joining the draw.

Are you still with me? Well, thank you.

Here's more German for you: Vielen Dank!