GenAI, writing T-SQL and Automation

With CoPilot for SQL Server Management Studio announced at SQL Bits, I can't help but wonder what the DBA toolbox will look like in 12 months! Anyone using these tools in their day-to-day? ChatGPT, CoPilot? What do you use it for? How do you wish you could use them? 

  • As much as I can and I want to 1000x my use of it this year, but in the last month or two not quite daily, which is weird.

    We're approaching a world where you can ask for text and get it (and images, video, depth maps, etc). Commands to systems and configs and everything is text. No end to the improvements that'll get made.

    You can find text-to-sql models about now and baseline models are pretty excellent at sql now too, especially given a quick schema export for context or similar


  • We played with Co Pilot  a bit.  It is frightening what it can do with just a basic schema of some tables loaded.  Without a foreign key, primary keys or anything, it correctly wrote an ON statement like this:

    on tblA.ID = tblB.SomethingLongWithoutAnID.

    The good thing, maybe it will eliminate ORM.....

  • I use ChatGPT on my desktop as a search engine replacement almost exclusively.  It's pretty dang good and reminding me of syntax or how to do a certain thing.  And I have CoPilot in Azure Data Studio which does reasonably well.  

    My take is that these tools are an awesome force multiplier when used appropriately.