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Welcome to the place for Data-Driven Discourse!

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Hello, fellow data lovers! Let me be the first to invite you to this forum where we can share our passions for databases with all the other THWACKsters.

I'm a data consumer by day and a data enthusiast by night. We all love exploring different types of databases, from relational to non-relational, from SQL to NoSQL, from MongoDB to MySQL. We're always eager to learn new things and improve our skills.

Here's where you can find some like-minded people who can help us grow and have fun along the way.

I look forward to participating in the discussions and contributing to the community.  Here, your opinions matter!  If you have a Heart for PostgreSQL and nothing but disdain for MSSQL?  That's great!  We want those discussions.  No one can be an expert in everything and that's the purpose of a community like THWACK.  We want to have discussions where you are.

To start a new discussion or ask a question, click on the big green "New" button at the top and start sharing!

A big blank forum can be intimidating, we know.  So here are a few topics to start your own threads.

  • What's your preferred database engine?
  • Where do you develop your program?
  • How do you test your queries?
  • What was the first database you ever worked with?
  • What's got you excited about the future?
  • What legacy technology do you still miss?

Let's help that next generation of data enthusiasts get off on the first prompt foot.