There comes a point in every video project when you should consider how you’ll use text graphics.  Maybe you need lower thirds to fill the audience in, or an eye-popping titles sequence to establish your project’s mood.  Solving how to add text to a video can be overwhelming.

We’re here to help.  Today’s blog post will dissect current trends of how text graphics are used in films, TV and online today.  We’ve combed through many examples — including different types of fonts, kinetic typography, and lower thirds — to show how they’re used.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know the current trends in text graphics and which projects used them well.  Prepare to be wowed by the written word, and to capture some typographic inspirations for your own designs.

The first thing that will determine the voice you’re looking for is the type of video you’re making. As for Educational videos or Tutorials, select someone with an engaging voice who can fluently talk about the terminology (if it’s tricky topics). For graphical explainer videos or commercials, find a talent that matches the brand voice and speaks to the target audience.


Secondly, know what to ask for. Be upfront with your video production company and voice talent. This allows for less revisions (or less retakes) later in the process. The more time someone has to spend in the recording studio, the more costly the video project becomes.Every story, every project, every piece of content is unique and needs a unique human voice with unique characteristics. Covoco was built on the belief that it should be easy & simple to find, hire & work seamlessly with Talented Voice-Over Professionals, in any language & accent, from anywhere in the world, on-demand, at any scale and at a fair price point.

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