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Isilon supports SNMPv3 "AuthNoPriv" only.  Prior to adding the account on SRM, ensure the SNMPv3 configuration has been completed on the Isilon cluster.  Recommend setting the SNMPv3 user password and the Auth password to the same to prevent confusion.


# isi snmp settings view

# isi snmp settings modify --service enable

# isi snmp settings modify --snmp-v3-access enable

# isi snmp settings modify -u general

# isi snmp settings modify --set-snmp-v3-password

# isi snmp settings modify -p <password-string>


When creating the SRM credentials for SNMPv3, the "password is a key" box needs to be checked.

Isilon API credentials should be any user with "Platform API" credentials.  If you would rather not use the Isilon "root" user, add a user to the "Audit Admin" role.



SRM 6.7.1

Isilon OneFS

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