SolarWinds Certified Professional: New PSI Scheduling Platform Available

Happy Wednesday SCP THWACKsters!

PSI has a new scheduling platform. This means it will look and work a bit differently when you schedule and reschedule your next exam. Please use the link below to schedule and reschedule your exams. You can access the SCP exams in two ways: alphabetical listing OR through the scheduling process. 

When scheduling, you will first select your exam and then select your date.

If you need to cancel an exam that was scheduled under the old platform, you will need to contact PSI. Any exams scheduled under the new platform can be rescheduled within the new platform.

We apologize for the short notice and appreciate your patience as we all get used to the new process.

We are working to update links on the SCP Program page and in our confirmation emails.

Feel free to email with any questions.

Thank you,


  • Sara,

    Is the new exam or platform corrupted or broken? The newest "HCO-Network Monitoring" test doesn't load in PSI. You can be scheduled for the test, your computer passes all of PSI's pre-test checks, and when the test starts you get an error that says "Something went wrong". Multiple PSI techs (and PSI Sections) can't figure out the issue. They say it is not their system. The issue occurs across multiple computers. It seems that the issue is access to that specific test not all tests. Maybe that particular test is corrupted or broke.

    Has anyone from SolarWinds tried to take the new HCO test using PSI, Windows 11, & Chrome? I highly recommend that one of your personnel tries. I bet they will have the exact same access issues.