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How long does it take to mail certificate and badge?


I have passed my SCP on 31st March 2023 and still awaiting for Certificate and Badge. I have sent two reminder mails to as well, but no reply, the longest time I have been waiting for certificate ever, while other vendors like cisco/juniper/microsoft provides certificate and badge within 48 hours.

Thanks and regards

  • Hi We recently transitioned to a new badge process which may have caused some delay. The person who can help the most with this issue is Sara Clark our SCP Program Manager. She is out of the office this week, however I have sent her an email with a link to this thread so she can take a look when she is back next week. 

    Sorry for the delay, but we will get this sorted for you as soon as possible. 

  • Dear Cheryl

    I have already discussed with Sara Clark and also update her the same last week. I have to reimburse the amount to exam fees and the validity is going to be over by 14th April 2023, later I will not be able to reimburse, and I have to pay fees from my own expenses, and to reimburse the fees I should present either badge or certificate. 

    Hope you can understand.

  • I will pass on your concerns immediately. I don't have direct involvement in this part of the process, but I'll be sure to let the right people know. 

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