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Certification Renewal Options

Made a comment about this but moving to a thread to hopefully get some discussion going (and avoid hijacking that users thread).

I get why many companies require retesting, but I wish more would do options for CPE's or community engagement on THWACK.  I don't have a lot of time to keep taking tests for certs, and I find the environment of testing to be highly invasive (again I get why you want to prevent cheating but its a major privacy invasion (cameras, closed source binaries I have to install, etc.)).

Bonus question, if we have multiple certifications do we need to test to renew them individually or just take one and that counts a rearm for all of them?

  • At the moment, SolarWinds' policy for renewing certifications is to retake the exam after the certification expires. We are considering other options but have not made any plans to modify the policy.

    Each certification requires retesting on THAT exam. Multiple certifications require multiple exams to be taken (initially and for recertification). 

    Hope this helps answer your questions.



    SCP Program Manager