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Renew Design and Architecture SCP Certification

Good Afternoon Academy!

I did a partner course with Cheryl and another of her colleagues for an SCP Certification about 4 years ago or so. Cool part was there was enough time for two exams (I think this was due to being at this class in person), or the ability to retake an exam if you had failed it initially.

Ended up getting my NPM and Design and Architecture that day which as someone that was fairly new to SolarWinds (Previously used a very old version back in the Marine Corps). Was looking to see what the best way to get my renewal for Design and Architecture would be?

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  • I get why many companies require retesting, but I wish more would do options for CPE's or community engagement on THWACK.  I don't have a lot of time to keep taking tests for certs, and I find the environment of testing to be highly invasive (again I get why you want to prevent cheating but its a major privacy invasion (cameras, closed source binaries I have to install, etc.)).

  • Definitely agreed there, especially every 3 years makes it really rough sometimes to constantly be re-testing, especially if you're working with the SolarWinds Platform on the daily. Is there any sort of alternate method of testing if you're still a current SCP holder? Maybe like a knowledge/summarized test to renew a cert if it's still active? Or better yet like @monitoringlife mentioned, doing some CPE work every year or being engaged with Thwack could be a great opportunity to maybe extend the expiration of your certification.

  • The only path for recertification right now is to retest the related exam. We are considering modifications to the policy, but do not have anything set in stone.


    SCP Program Manager