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SolarWinds Certified Professional: Change in PSI Testing Restrictions--Good news!

Great news, the PSI's testing restrictions for the SolarWinds Certified Professional exams has changed. 

As you know, each certification is valid for a period of 3 years. The current policy is to retest the exam after your certification expires.

SolarWinds has worked with PSI to allow an overlap period. This means you may now test 3 weeks before your certification expires.

Don't let your certification lapse, get certified and stay certified!

Visit the SolarWinds Certified Professional program page for more information.

Happy testing!

Sara Clark

SCP Program Manager

  • When I saw the heading I had high hopes that PSI's draconian approach to 'moderating' the exams, and their bizarre set of 'violations' were being relaxed. But no Disappointed

    That said, what I don't know is if you are like Cisco (for example) where passing any other SCP exam automatically renews/extends any current SCP's one might have?

  • SolarWinds SCP exams are renewed by retesting the related exam. SCP exams and certifications are not interconnected.

    Hope that answers your question. 

    Feel free to reach out with any follow up questions.


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