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Rounding up CPU Alerting values

I am currently setting up alert to Webex using POST actions. My syntax is working but when the alert is triggered, the value for CPU load percentage is showing to 5 decimal places.

E.g. alert value shown as 87.83334 % (screenshot below)

How do I remove the decimal numbers and just round it up to whole number values?

Any assistance would be most apprecated.

Many thanks,


  • Hi Dave, when you build the alert and select the CPU Load in the trigger condition, there should be an output preview that is generated against a select "test" node. Does this preview show all the decimal points? (Screenshot) I ask because many times how this information appears in the alert is determined by the polled value the entity (node) generates. It's the data that is reported to us and controlled by the vendor. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that we can't customize the value for an email or the actual notification.

    May I ask what is generating your screenshot? Is that Service Desk or Service Now? 

    We see this a lot with disk capacity alerts as the devices still report values in bytes (!) and that's just hard to deal with when you're dealing with terabytes LOL. I know how to finesse that in a SolarWinds-generated email (to show the value in bytes) but not in outside messages.

    Let me know what generated the message in your screenshot, and I can check and see if we can give you a palatable workaround. If it's Service Now, we might not be able to do much, as that's third-party software, but if it's our Service Desk product, I can check with that team and see what they say. 

  • Great, thanks for your help!

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