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Where can I find practice tests for the Solarwinds cert?

Looking to see if there are any practice tests for the 5 Solarwind certs.  Starting with NPM now

  • Here are some ideas and links that should help you on the path to become a Solarwinds Certified Professional:

    1. Read and understand the topics in these links, including the videos:  SolarWinds Certified Professional - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support
    2. Search the Thwack forum for CSP--Solarwinds Certified Professional.  You'll find links and resources that cover everything on the tests.
    3. Use NPM and SAM as a primary administrator.  Open the links and options up for each page, learn what they do.  Build typical test scenarios for you or your team and practice them.  For example, learn how to add a node, how to set pollers for that node.  How to add a new user to NPM as a plain user, or as an administrator.  How to adjust views or create custom view.  There's nothing like having to do it to learn how to do it--and then being able to understand the tests' questions and answer them correctly.
    4. Build up Thwack points and use them to obtain test opportunities instead of spending cash of your company or your own.
    5. Reach out to SolarWinds experts and staff and discuss training opportunities like this one from last spring:  SOLARWINDS ACADEMY: SCP STUDY HOURS
    6. Review this information, see what is there that you don't yet know:  Updated SolarWinds Certified Professional Program (Updated July 12th 2017)
    7. Set up and update several SolarWinds servers.  If you don't have licenses, you can access each of the products and access their 30-day trial licenses that are free to download and install.  Start here:
    8. Keep asking questions.  Contribute to others' knowledge and become experienced with each product.  Learning how to install them is one part, but learning how to USE them and administer them is the biggest part.

    Swift packets!

    Rick Schroeder

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