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How long does it take to be mailed a certificate?

I just passed the NPM certification and I read in the SCP exam about being mailed/contacted within 24 hours. However I was not allowed to take a screenshot of the final results page even though I've finished the exam and it has been 2 days.

Does anyone know how long it usually takes to be emailed a certificate/given a badge? I tried emailing the but I believe it's a no-reply kind of address.

Also I was only told I passed. Is there a way to find out my score?

Appreciate your feedback in advance. Thanks!

  • Hi holnave,

    Our records indicate that you were awarded a digital badge December 7th, 2018.  You should have received an email from BadgeCert with information on how to access your digital badge. We do not send certificates in the mail—SCPs now have the option to print certificates from home. From the email, select the option to view your badge.  Click the certificate link to download your certificate.  

    Review BadgeCert's Sharing Guide to learn more about sharing your digital badge on social media.

    You can email with any questions and receive a reply. I will email you with more information about scoring.   



  • Hello, 
    I passed my certification with success on Friday 10/07 at 8pm gmt+1 but still didn't get my certificate.
    I emailed but with no reply. 
    Any help please?
  • Malak,

    Your digital badge was awarded on 10/8. An email was sent to your email address. I just resent that email. If it isn't in your inbox, please check your junk folder.

    Thank you,


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