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High memory utilization in fortinet firewall

Hi All

I see high  memory utilization  on fortinet Firewall  due to incorrect OID is consider . I got the exact ID which shows correct utilization but not able to convert it in % . Can anyone help me .   I am polling this value but not able to convert in % through UNDP.

Looking for solution.


Sanjay gupta

  • From your post, it seems like you might not be using the right OID. (?) You may want to verify that first. 

    Have you considered checking with Fortinet and seeing if there is a different OID that may allow you to display the value in a gauge? UnDP does support gauges with percentages (such as CPU utilization), but the OID is the main determining factor on what sort of web console display (gauge, table, chart) 

    Also, if you are looking for a gauge showing % memory utilization, you may consider using the Device Studio tool and populating that information in the default CPU/Memory Utilization widget that is found in the Vital Stats sub-view under Node Details. It is hidden if the metrics are not being polled. The tool has options in the event the device doesn't have a specific OID for the percent memory used value. 

    Here is an article on using Device Studio: 

    Also, we teach how to build this exact poller in the Academy class: NPM Custom Monitoring and Polling. This is available On-Demand through the customer portal. Log on to the portal, go to Education and Training - Virtual Classrooms. You can filter for On Demand classes and you will find this one under Network Performance Monitor (NPM) 

    Hope that helps! 

  • You can also use UNDP and Poller Checker Tool.

    Although I think Poller Checker Tool as been replaced by Device Studio Pollers.

  • Thanks for posting these articles, . I noticed on the Create a UnDP article the navigation path is outdated, and I have flagged that to the InfoDev team and support for updates.

    Incidentally, check out the web console UI in that video! Wink That's an old one! We redesigned the UI in 2016, but with tools like UnDP, the usability, and function have not changed. This is common with articles related to backend apps. If you've been around the products long enough (like me LOL), you'll remember the tabbed web console. 

    For those that need clarification, to access the UnDP on the most current version, RDP to the server, Start - SolarWinds Platform - Universal Device Poller.

    We have been steadily removing "Orion" references from the software, and we haven't had the NPM sub folder in quite a while. Wink It's a constant battle to stay on top of the updates; our KB is quite large. 

    For the Poller Checker tool, yes, it has been removed. I verified that this morning as I couldn't find it, even in new upgrade locations. The idea is that the polling tools *should be modern enough not to need the Poller Checker. That's a bit of a discussion. Stay tuned.