High Cpu on Windows due to Solarwinds Job Enginer and Collector Services resulting into degraded performance

Hi, We are seeing high CPU on  Windows Servers mostly 100 percent whenever opening the SW web console, the website becomes completely unresponsive if trying to run jobs, and SolarWinds performance  has been degraded significantly, we can't even get graphs info, and can't even change SNMP creds if we want to because our CPU remains spiked at 100 percent whenever we are doing anything for Solarwinds 

The problem became visible after our NCM jobs were stuck on Post Processing.

Technical Support has not been of much help, they have tried figuring out the problem but could not find out why the job engine and collector services are spiking the CPU suddenly.

Solarwinds version 2023.1, our server is not under-provisioned from a deployment standpoint. 

Whatever TAC did, it resulted in more degraded performance and other errors such as licensing errors even when are all our licenses are active. Troubleshooting has also made the website take much longer for displaying information than it was taking earlier.

Any help or suggestion is highly appreciated.

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  • Hi Cheryl ,Thank you for responding !

    Case number is  01337384 . Please also note that this case was started as with the issue that NCM job was stuck on Post processing where we observed CPU going high , after repairing Solarwinds on one of our APE's , this seemed to have been resolved..but too quick to say on that if resolution is permanent or temporary.

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