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Hybrid Cloud Observability Enterprise Advanced Scaler

Why does it consume a lot of space in SQL Server? 

I Just config 7 days of retención for 300 devices.

Why does it consume a lot of space in SQL Server?
I Just config 7 days of retención for 300 devices.

Does anyone know what good practices, I would like to be able to do one:

1.- Data storage configuration
Adjust data retention so that old records are removed and configure databases to only grow to a certain size.
2.- Cleaning the database
Delete unnecessary or duplicate records to avoid database overload and improve Log Viewer performance.
3.- Search filters and alerts
Set up search filters to quickly find the records you need, and set up alerts to get notified when certain conditions are met.
4.- Customizing the display of the records
Adjust the view of the records according to your needs, grouping them by different fields and customizing the appearance of the application.
5.- Optimization of the use of resources
Configure the amount of resources that Log Viewer uses, to avoid affecting server performance.

By other part, I wish to how is the best plan for.

I.- Log Viewer update
Make sure you have the latest version of Log Viewer to take advantage of the latest features and bug fixes.
II.- Test environment
SolarWinds offers a free trial environment to practice using Log Viewer. You can also find tutorials and samples online to practice using the tool or install it in a test environment on your own computer.

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  • I see this one has been handled in true Thwack tradition, with users helping other users! That document is a great resource for SQL best practices. If you still have issues, I would recommend a chat with support to make sure everything is A-OK Slight smile

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