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Creating XML body for alerts , basic alerts

can someone help me with some alerts basicially

when a node is down

when a interface is down

when component is down

when a hardware component is down

can i get xml if i am using send/post html action or email action 

i tried the sample package for some reason its not working 

for some i am getting same xml code in pagerduty 

some of the nodes are failing while simulating 

i need some general xml which will show the alert , node or component and  and some additional details


and also how can i resolve it automatically if its resolved in pagerduty 

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  • ^^ 100% what said. These are out-of-the-box alerts, however, like any out-of-the-box alert, I encourage you to examine the trigger conditions and refine those if needed, especially if you feel the alert is firing too much. 

    Also, if you have not done so already, consider taking the Platform Alerts and Reports class on the customer portal to help you understand the best practices for optimizing and building alerts so they do what you want when you want and minimize fals positives. This and other classes are available on-demand on the customer portal, and we will be delivering that class live at the end of June if you prefer a live class. 

    Hope that helps!