How to reset SolarWinds Web-Console Admin Login Password

Hi Team,

Can you please guide me on how to reset SolarWinds Web-Console Admin Login Password, in case i forget my login credentials?

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  • I haven't tried to reset the default admin password specifically, at least not recently, but I think this still works even now as you still can change user permissions in the accounts table on current versions. 

    If this exact procedure doesn't work, you can use the same steps and table to promote another account to admin. That way, you can log in with that account and reset the default admin account password.

    Select another account in the database table and switch the "admin rights" to Y. Save then log in as that account.

    This is one of many reasons why RDP access to the SolarWinds Platform server should be rigorously restricted. With a little knowledge, a LOT can be done (and a lot of harm done) in the Database Manager tool. Sort of like messing around with the Windows Registry files Wink

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