Unable to login into SolarWinds Console.

Hi Team,

Can you please help me to solve this login issue into SolarWinds Orion Web Console? Please see the below snapshot for your reference.

  • Hi there, that seems to be a wrong password for the admin account. This could be just not knowing the correct password or if you upgraded from a few versions back (I would need to check to see exactly which version) where we implemented strong passwords, there was I believe a 30 day window to upgrade the passwords for any standard Orion account already present before upgrading. This isn't the likely issue but is possible, depending on if you were running an older version and if you upgraded recently.

    Do you have another account that has admin rights? It can be an Orion account or a Windows AD account, just needs to have Administrator Rights. You can log on with that account and reset the admin password. 

    If not, there are other options, but let's start with that one. 

  • If in your environment have multiple account and the case you forgot one of the account password, you can change the password in the dbo.credential with database manager and copy the hash & salt from the credential that you remember the password.

    The Password will be the same to the password from the credential you copy the hash & salt from.

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