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Missing Reports

Hi Everyone,

I completed implementation in January, As at March I could generate report for February.

However, in April I discovered I can only generate report for March and I am unable to generate for February.

Although in my report, I created one for Business Hours and another regular report. The regular report can generate for February in April but the Business Hour can't generate the report. 

What could be the cause?

I need help, its very urgent.

  • What are you generating reports on? For whatever it is I'd look at the retention of that dataset as well as the report settings to make sure the interval of the data in the report isn't set lower than part of rollup the data is in. For example if you're trying to get data every 30 minutes but you're in the Hourly part of the data rollup (retention) then you're not going to get a valid report. 

  • beat me to it. This is the first setting to check. We do data rollups (detailed data to hourly, hourly to daily, etc) to help conserve database space and even performance. If you cross one of these rollover settings, you will not see the level of detail on the data you may expect.  

    This Article speaks to that rollover/retention model (along with other database recommendations that are always worth repeating) if you're not familiar. Slight smile

  • Hi jholmes,

    I am generating report for Service providers based on onboarded nodes. However, I have checked the retention period from the Polling setting and it is set to 7days, 30days and 365days

  • In a case when i change the detailed retention from 7days to 30 days, hourly from 30days to 60days and daily still 365days.

    1. Will this have any negative effect on the server?

    2. Will it take effect immediately?

    3. Will I be able to generate report for the months that were missing?

  • 1. It could depending on your database strength, doubling the retention range will drastically increase the amount of data in the tables therefore possibly see an performance impact when you query those tables.

    2. The change will however what this impacts is when the nightly DB maitenance runs what data it rolls up so you won't just see double the data.

    3. If retention is what is impacting no, once the data is rolled up by retention there isn't a way to undo it. 

  • You have an export of the report so I can see more details? 

  • I have uploaded here the 2 different reports. First report is with Business hours set, while the second report is for non-business hour.

  • 3. If retention is what is impacting no, once the data is rolled up by retention there isn't a way to undo it. 

    you mean I can't retrieve report even from the Database?