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Can VMAN monitor and manage VMs Thanks

under PROXMOX platform?


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  • Hi, can I monitor PROXMOX and VMs with another module? For example, SAM.

  • It depends on what you are trying to do and/or desired result for what you want to see displayed. I'm more of a networking guy, so forgive my server wording below. Wording might be a little wrong/misused, but the concept should be understood. Without VMAN, you need to attack it as at least two separate items 1) Physical Chassis & 2) Virtualized Server/Servers

    1) For the physical server (chassis) hosting all the VM's, you can potentially use SNMP to poll chassis information. An example, Dell uses an iDRAC for out of band management. You can implement SNMP on the iDRAC, which could gather the server's physical information such as Processor Info, Memory Info, Equipment Temperatures, Power Supplies, etc. It's all physical chassis/parts information. If the physical part you want to monitored cannot be polled/displayed, OIDs could potentially be created to gather information you need. I use https://mibs.observium.org/ to build stuff fairly often.

    2) For the virtual server, you can monitor each individual VM server instance in SAM but information will be missing/lacking. You can potentially poll each individual VM'ed Windows Server using WMI credentials or installing an agent. You can gather some basic server and application information from the WMI polls/Agent polling info. Since the server is virtual, you can't gather actual hardware information from the chassis. You can only gather the server provisioning information. You can "gather" processor GHz, and memory GHz info, but the numbers that will display will be what you programmed the VM for. It won't provide actual hardware information; it will just show numbers based on the parameters you programmed before loading Windows onto the VM.

    If you do 1 & 2, you can potentially gather basic information and determine basics of what is going on/happening. Is it as clear or clean as using VMAN? Not even close. Using the above method is more like building a picture, but you only have 1/2 the pieces. You get a good sence of what is going on, but you're still missing parts.

  • Fred is correct. You can get some virtualization information using SAM, but it won't be the same as with VMAN and you won't have all the same features that VMAN offers for supported hypervisors.

  • Hi,

    Thank you all very much!

    Do you know if SolarWinds has plans to introduce Proxmox monitoring?

  • If Proxmox supports SNMP monitoring, you may be able to monitor a sufficient amount using that. 

  • I don't know the status of adding additional hypervisors for support. That is something that our Product Managers may be able to comment on. 

    We have been moving the product-based "What We're Working On" Forums into Hybrid Cloud Observability. If you go to this page:  What We’re Working On for Hybrid Cloud Observability and the Network and Infrastructure Modules [Updated: APR-2023] you can read any updates from the Product Team. There is also a link to Feature Requests, where you can submit a request for this feature, and other users can vote on it too. 

    Our product team, through feature requests and user sessions (Both linked on that page), takes user feedback seriously when considering new features and support, so I encourage you to engage with them about this.