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Question about Network Atlas

I have used Network Atlas to create maps of the overall company I work for.

It's just that a new client came in with a request: he asks if there is a possibility that we give him access to the Network Atlas to create his own maps.

I tried to create a test user but it shows all the nodes of the company in general.

I would like to know if there is a possibility of making it possible to see only the nodes that belong to that user or client when entering with that user and not see all the nodes of the company in general.

Beforehand thank you very much.

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  • Hello Chery, 

    Thanks for the answer, the information helped me a lot, I am using a Network Atlas application that comes by default when solarwinds is installed, I was able to limit that only the objects I need can be seen.

    What I still have a problem with is the map, in the maps section I still get the map of the complete datacenter and the client could review confidential information from there, I have not found how to limit that section.

    I still get this section of physical maps and you can see the complete map of the company, and I need to limit that too.