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Is anyone else signing up for the free SolarWinds Classes?

Through the customer portal, I can sign up for free SolarWinds classes. It seems like they are taught once a quarter. The problem is, every time I sign up for one the classes, the class never seems to happen because of lack of participants. Here is an excerpt of an email I received. 

"Thank you for registering for Deploying SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability”, on Monday, September 19, 2022, 09:00 am - 12:00 pm US Central Time. Regrettably, we have to CANCEL this class due to a lack of interest from customers. The class will be offered again in the future, and we encourage you to register for that session."

Do people never take these courses? I have 4 other classes scheduled for next week. I'm hoping at least one of them has enough participants.

  • Hi , our sincerest apologies that we have to cancel the class. To build more On Demand content for our customers, we have decided that we will only push through with classes that have a good chance of getting around 10 people to attend. Historically, we have seen that half of those who register do not show actually show up. The number of registrations thus far one week before any given scheduled class tells us whether or not it has a chance of getting the target number of attendees. In this case, there wasn't a lot of interest from customers to attend this class live.

    For now, you can attend the On Demand Class, and if you have any questions, you may join one of our Office Hours, which runs weekly in different timezones. You may find the trainer's schedule and register on this link SolarWinds Academy Product Trainers | SolarWinds Success Center. Thank you so much for your understanding and looking forward to seeing you in one of our classes. 

  • Hi Fred, we definitely understand there is an audience that favors Instructor-led classes over straight, on-demand content. It's a balance for sure, for us and for our customers' needs. 

    As an option, consider attending Office Hours sessions with trainers specializing in your products. I think you've been in a few of mine... or was that the live class? Wink They would go well with the On Demand videos as a substitute, the idea being the On-Demand video would give you the basics on using X or Y features, and the Office Hours would give you or your colleagues the opportunity to ask an instructor questions about configuring and adapting the technology for your environment. Not exactly the same, but an option.

  • Cheryl,

    Thanks for the advice. I've enjoyed your classes and I've attended one of your Office Hour sessions. When I run into an issue while reading/testing stuff, I might sign up for your Office Hours again. Thanks.

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