Need your valuable suggestion on onboarded nodes

Dear Team,

Hope you all are doing great in all respects...!!!

I have a few basic doubts regarding the SolarWinds onboarded devices. Please clarify the following questions for me:

1. What is the meaning of onboarded devices or nodes in the SW environments? Does it include nodes as well as interfaces?

2. How do we define nodes? Does it encompass all devices such as Windows, Linux, switch routers, access points, and firewalls that we have onboarded into our SW environment?

3. Can we consider interfaces as onboarded devices?

4. What is the best definition for SW onboarded nodes? Please explain its meaning.

5. How can I create a report showing all the details about the onboarded devices we monitor using SolarWinds, whether they are managed or unmanaged?

6. Is it possible to create a report that displays the total onboarded nodes/devices, interfaces, volumes, and total element counts?

In our SW environment, we have NTA and NPM modules and we are monitoring the specified number of nodes, volume, and interfaces as mentioned below screenshot.

-_-Thank you for your valubale time.