How can I check which user deleted other users

Hi Team,

Today, I received a complaint stating that a user is unable to access their account. When I checked, I couldn't find the user in the SolarWinds manage account section. Is there a way to check why, when, and by whom that specific user was deleted?

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  • Good call, donrobert5. The report is great, especially if you need to generate a report on a schedule for compliance or internal due diligence. However, I still default to the Message Center if I need to take a quick look to see who did what. With all the developments we've done in the Platform in recent years, the Message Center is still my "go-to" for looking through audit events, and one of the biggest reasons I still advise customers to give everyone a unique logon (don't all use Admin!) You'd be surprised how many people still just pass around the admin login. *facepalm* Don't do that. For a dozen different reasons.... don't do that! LOL

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