Difference between Unmanaged & Undefine Nodes

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Can you please guide me about the terms "Unmanaged & Undefine" which is used in SolarWinds. What both words define about the nodes.

Secondly, Is there any way to find the exact date of any unmanaged nodes. Means is there anyway from where I can get to know that from this date, this device/nodes are unmanaged.

  • Unmanage is status set by 'unmanaging' a node. Unmanaging stops alerting and monitoring of the node. It has a blue icon with an x inside. The duration is set by the user, which can be scheduled or open ended (forever). Undefined happens when polling fails to gather details on a node. Typically this happens when something like snmp or wmi calls are denied by the node. 

    Yes you can find the date of unmanagement in a node the audit logs will have it, and you can get it with a SWQL query. I have a query somewhere, if I can find it, I will drop it in the chat. There may be one in thwack already. You may be able to search thwack for unmanaged node report also. 

  • Thanks for your response...

    Could you please share any document URLs related to undefined nodes? I opened three nodes out of 152 to check the details from the undefined node sections, as shown in the screenshot above. After opening, I noticed that the first node is down, the second node is showing a warning, and the third node is up.

    So, It's wrong to assume that the undefine nodes are unmanaged nodes. Can you please tell the best practice to fix this issue. what should i do now. Why it's showing undefine nodes.

  • Here are two links to help you get started. The first is a good description of status and how to understand it. There are several more links in this document too. The high level node chart on this page is helpful to get the overall idea of node status codes. The second link provides good troubleshooting for nodes and how to eliminate the unknown status. The unknown status is often a problem with the protocol to monitor (bad wmi credential, snmp misconfigured..) and making sure that your credentials match and are configured properly on the node and in solarwinds.

    Calculate node status in the SolarWinds Platform

    Troubleshoot nodes and interfaces that are Unknown (solarwinds.com)

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