SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) Recertification Process

Hello THWACKsters!

Do you have a SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) certification? Is your certification close to expiring, or has it already expired? Let’s walk through the process to recertify.

SCP certifications are valid for three years from the date of the passed exam. Recertification requires retesting the SCP exam.

To sign up for the exam, visit the registration link and complete the form.

We will award you a digital badge once you pass the SCP exam, which you can include in your email signature, social media accounts, or resume. Digital badges are accessible for the duration of the certification period. Access will not be available after the certification is expired.

If you have questions about the recertification process, contact the SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) Forum.

For more information, visit the SolarWinds Certified Professional program page.

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