Groups stuck in loading state (All groups dropdown list)

In our All Groups monitoring section, my team is seeing the Loading... spin wheel.  This seems to be infinite and we are unable to view the drop down list.  Going into the actual group is not a problem but it is very useful being able to view all items in all groups from the Home screen.

Just to cover some bases:

-Memory and storage is far from max capacity.

-CPU performance on our Solarwinds box is also not an issue.

Has anyone come across this issue?  Any pointers are appreciated.



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  • +1 on reconfiguring the DPA integration! Should have known there would be more fall-out... DBA hmu yesterday morning about the DPA site not loading; was throwing an error about incorrect creds for the Repository DB. Had all sorts of funkiness happen over the weekend with patching, so must've been associated... followed the instructions in the error message to re-enter the Repository DB creds in the config file and that fixed the DPA site loading issue. Unknowingly related, we also had multiple Dashboards with Groups displays that were behaving as OP described. Immediately after removing the DPA Integration, the Dashboards issue was fixed.

    FYI DPA site error we resolved by editing the file and re-entering the Repository creds: