Non-existant Hyper-V Tool


The free tool claims it works for Hyper-V, but when I download it, it only works for ESX! I've looked around, and apparently there are two versions of this tool? But from the main page all the way to the download page, this is nothing about there being a two separate tools.There's also nothing about this in its installer. Even at this link it says this tool works for Hyper-V, yet shows the ESX version. I've followed both links, downloaded both files, and checked the hashes, and they are for sure the same file.

Is there any Hyper-V version what so ever? And if not, why even bother claiming there is?

  • I came on here to ask the same thing - all links for the Hyper-V monitor tool seem to point to the ESX version.  From the screenshots I've seen in other discussions there is a Hyper-V version but it appears to have been pulled from download

    Can anyone confirm this? Or provide a download link if they already have the Hyper-V version?