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Solarwinds TFTP SERVER The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

I have TFTP server running on my local network at  If I am sending a file to/from that network everything works great.

I am using a WatchGuard firewall and have an OPTIONAL(DMZ) network which is  So I opened up TFTP on the filewall from/to to

So I am trying to PUT a file from to

Watching the filewall TFTP is ALLOWED to pass.  On the TFTP server I see it connect, it sees that the files exists, it deletes the existing file, it creates the file in the folder.

But the file never actually gets any data and I get the following...

Interrupted by client, cause: The process cannot access the file '\\hwl-dc1\shares\grandstream\test.txt' because it is being used by another process.

\\hwl-dc1\shares\grandstream\ is my default folder for tftp.  So it is the file being created that is getting this error.

Sits there a while and then get 'Dropped because peer didn't respond'

Any help would be appreciated.


Derrell Gore

  • I saw have seen several instances of people having this issue on the internet.  I spent all morning looking for an answer.  Right after I posted this I stumbled across the cause quite by accident.

    I normally do not run Windows firewall on my computer.  I discovered that the laptop I was using had it turned on.  Turned it off and this problem went away.

    Hope this helps someone else out.  I saw instances of this several years old.