Error PXE-T00: Bailing out to bad character in filename

Hi all,

The SolarWinds TFTP Server is a great product, but I'm having a bit of an issue using it as a PXE server.

No matter what file / filename I use - I get the following error:

PXE-T00: Bailing out to bad character in filename: ... (see attached screenshots).

Any ideas what is causing this?

Just to rule out Win firewall, I have added the TFTP server application & port 69 UDP as allow rules.

Slainte Mhath, Don
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  • It doesn't actually make a difference. 

    I've tried / pxeboot.n12 / don.txt --- I get a similar result (string of garbage after the relevant filename).

    NB: all files of the above files are present in directory.

    All accessible from Win TFTP client - whether or not using -i switch.

    Accessing any file from PXE boot gives the error:  PXE-T01 No Such File/No Access.

  • Okay, while I don't have much experience with the PXE environment, the no file/no access error hints to me of possibly a security/permissions issue where the client can't see file needed.

    OTOH, I was inquiring about the filename to see if maybe it had spaces or other characters in it.  

  • Howdy Jfrazier, 

    In theory TFTP shouldn't give access issues, but not a bad suggestion so...

    FYI: Test PC environment = Blank SSD for PXE boot -or- Win10 HDD.

    1) Blank SSD - PXE-T00: Bailing out to bad character in filename: 'pxeboot.n12. etc...

    2) Win10 HDD - tested access to server hosting TFTP data from Windows - challenged for win creds - not completed.

    3) Win10 HDD - installed TFTP Client. Disabled Win Firewall. Tested: get pxeboot.n12 = successful.

    So nothing to do with creds. PXE boot won't fallover any firewall issues. Also no spaces or odd characters in filename. Meh.

    I'd love to get this working but rapidly heading into the too hard pile...

  • Sorry I didn't have better info for you.