SolarWinds TFTP Server - Looking for documentation on SolarWinds TFTP Server

I'm looking for documentation on the SolarWinds TFTP Server. Specifically where could I find information on:

1) Where I could identify new patches released

2) Get information on about security patches released for this product

     1a) If there are patches, where could I download those patches?

I am having a difficult time looking for definitive information on this software.

  • Hi all,

    Following-up on this thread.  I am still finding that I have to hunt through the website to find information about the:

    1. The current version of the SolarWinds TFTP Server
    2. Release notes associated with the current release of the SolarWinds TFTP Server
    3. Any patches released for the SolarWinds TFTP Server since the last version.

    FERC/NERC CIP-007R2 Compliance requirements is very strict about identifying where to we find patches and when they have to be evaluated by.  Solarwinds TFTP seems like a popular solution and this information is difficult to find.  Is there a centralized place for this information?

  • Not entirely sure if you are referring to the free tool version of it, or the one that comes included with NCM.  The free tools generally speaking, get little to no real documentation as they don't directly generate revenue and are pretty much presented as-is.

    If you are referring specifically to the service that gets installed alongside NCM, then all documentation that exists relating to that would be nested under the release notes and such for NCM.  Since that service is not developed separately outside of NCM releases it doesn't get it's own docs or separate patches, it is just one of the dozen or so services that get updated when you upgrade NCM overall.