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Every time I login into the console of the server that I have Solarwinds TFTP server installed, I get a Pop-Up that I need to close.

It's not a problem, but it is annoying.

Is there a way to stop the Pop-ups?

  • What is the popup? Is it the actual TFTP application?

  • This is the Pop-up (popup?) that I get each time I log into the server that I have Solarwinds TFTP installed


    Is this a big deal?  Production threatening?  Absolutely not.

    But for me and my coworkers that want me to to fix it, it is annoying.

    Once we log in, this dialog box (Pop-up or popup or whatever) must be moved or closed everytime to in order to perform any work.

    This dialog box sorta takes the trivial outta TFTP.

    I get it, Solarwinds wants me to know that their free product is on the job and working working hard.

    It's like my dog when I come from work, I need to pet it and scratch it and throw a treat before I can get in the house.

    My desire is for the TFTP Server to run as a service (which does) and not be seen...just work silently in the background.

    Okay, I reached my quota for whining and am shutting up for now.

  • I run TFTP server on my Solarwinds server as well but I do not get this popup. I run version and it's setup as a service. So I do not have it in the startup group. I suspect that you do.

    If you want to keep it in the startup group, you could get it to start in minimized mode, that way you won't have to close the application.