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Illegal User TFTP Error

Been using TFTP Server for years, but have a problem I've never seen before.  Using TFTP to upgrade firmware of a Mitel 5220 phone, and on outward appearances it connects and starts its download.  However, I'm getting the following error returned to me:

[Info] 04/09/13 11:06:14.8360 Incoming connection from

[Info] 04/09/13 11:06:14.9040 Start sending file: L2Boot_00.bin, file size: 2736 bytes, block size: 4096 bytes, timeout 5 seconds.

[Error] 04/09/13 11:06:14.9040 Client: File name:L2Boot_00.bin. ERROR message received. ERROR code:Error7NoSuchUser, message: Illegal User

I've tried several other TFTP servers and have generally gotten the same error (sometimes it looks a little different), all include either "NoSuchUser" or "Illegal User".  It repeats the error for every file it attempts to download.

Reset the phone to factory default, and reprogrammed to register to the PBX ok, so have no reason its a hardware or 'usual' software config issue.

So, does anyone know what this error actually means and what to do about it?