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solarwinds tftp - Error opening tftp

I just downloaded and installed the SW tftp server on a Windows Vista Enterprise SP2 machine.  I logged into my Cisco switches and cannot push or pull anything to the tftp server.   I've read through the other posts and have done the following:

1. Opened the Windows firewall for the tftp server, created another for port udp69, and created another with the "solarwinds tftp.exe" as the path in lieu of just "tftp.exe"

2.  Command line ping from the switch to the machine and vice versa... pings works both ways.

3. I did a netstat -an | find ":69" and did not get my ip, but got  I tried binding only my IP which did get me the workstation ip with :69... but it still did not work.

Tried starting/stopping after each change and none of it has worked.

This is the error I get:   Error opening tftp://<PC IP>/<filename>   (removed my ip and filename)

I have admin priv on the box and ran the tftp as admin.  I have used tftp before (not solarwinds) and I know this shouldn't be this hard.  Anyone have any more ideas or suggestions?

  • I would start with WireShark. Install it on the machine where the TFTP Server is installed. Monitor the interface on which the TFTP Server listens and then initiate the transfer from the remote device. You should be able to see the communication there. If you do, make sure the port 69 is allowed on the firewall (or turn the firewall off just for a while).

    You may also use ProcessMonitor and watch the "SolarWinds TFTP Server" process. When it gets the Read command, it should actually try to look for the file, open it for reading, and then start sending the contents back to the device (this should be visible in the WireShark).

    Let me know if that does not help.