My TFTP Server will not start on NPM server

For some reason my TFTP Server will not start on NPM server. I had to do an SNMP config push to a node which we were locked out of recently and found that my TFTP server which resides in the Engineers toolset on NPM would not start. As a result I needed to nominate the TFTP server on my NCM server to perform the push. This worked successfully. I searched Solarwinds knowledge base to see common troubleshooting for such a case and found this SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: The TFTP server will not start. This article however is referencing the kiwitftp server and making sure it is present in the windows registry. This product however is not bundled with the Solarwinds package or is it? I need to start up the TFTP server which comes with Engineers Toolkit. Where can I find the name for the .dll related to this to ensure it is registered or are there any other troubleshooting tips anyone could suggest for the TFTP server within Engineers Toolset not starting?? Thanks in advance!